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SKU: CP1111

Chuck-It is the amazing re-useable disposable drop cloth for any mess in the barn.


  • Developed as a surgery “drop cloth” for field surgeries and hospitals.
  • Absorbs and contains all fluids, including body fluids.
  • Designed to fit on gurneys, hospital beds, and stretchers.
  • Drawstring allows it to be “snugged” tight over varying sized beds and tables.
  • Can be used on the ground.  Creates a strong barrier between patient and the surface they are on.
  • Tightening the drawstring creates a “trash bag” that can be used for additional cleanup.
  • Will be marketed to all major healthcare facilities as a better way to protect hospital beds and patients from pathogens.
  • Would be attractive to numerous industries where a large “drop cloth” might be advantageous.  |  877-487-4677

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