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SKU: SM1680

Rewrite the rules of storing and transporting your supplies.  Organize your essentials on the road or at your home-base.  Inventory at a glance, 'grab-n-go" technology.


The ingeniously engineered Stor-Mor/ Stor-It horseman's organizer swallows buckets full of stable and grooming essentials then displays them vertically in over two dozen clear vinyl pockets thoughtfully sized to hold everything from thermometers to body clippers, health papers to fly sprays. Saves time and aggravation--find anything at a glance. No more searching dusty shelves or rooting to the bottom of trunks. All interior pockets are "grab-n-go" pulling off quickly to take with you. Stor-Mor/  Stor-it also feature proprietary "hidden" pockets for important papers.  Ready to travel? Stor-Mor/ Stor-It folds up and pulls along on rugged wheels that roll over gravel, grass or curbs with aplomb. Intelligent design keeps tall bottles upright. Go ahead and stack hay bales, feed bags or saddles right on top. Side zippers provide easy access to emergency supplies. On arrival, just unfold the Stor-Mor/ Stor-It and fasten its hanger straps to a fence, stall wall or trailer door. Hangs as a single long unit or two shorter side-by-side units. Touch fasteners seal pockets against dust, hay and debris.  


Stor-Mor/ Stor-It is an ingenious hanging tack trunk and horseman's organizer that offers a hassle free storage alternative to heavy wooden trunks, cumbersome plastic bins, dusty 5-gallon buckets and jumbled shelves. Over two dozen, see-through, seal able pockets are sized to hold everything from pencils and tiny tubes to bottles, sprayers, jars, tubs--even body clippers and the extension cord to run them. When you're ready to leave the barn, Stor-Mor/ Stor-It's hanging panels fold neatly into a compact travel case that pulls along on heavy duty casters (or lift it like a suitcase using its sewn nylon handle).


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Spefication Sheet for Stor-Mor

  • Constructed of 1680D “double ballistic” nylon that repels debris and dust and is easy to clean.
  • Weight: 27.56 lbs.
  • Size Closed: 32”H x 16” 16”D  Frame: 40” H x W x 14” D
  • When opened, this style has 11 linear feet of clear vinyl pull-off pockets, yet is only three feet tall when folded.
  • All-weather wheels for easy  transport of heavy supplies; the company’s largest system with wheels in the folded configuration--moving-industry castors for easy rolling over almost any terrain.  |  877-487-4677

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