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Stor-Mor Backpack

Stor-Mor Backpack

SKU: SB1680


  • The Stor-Mor Backpack is great for hauling lots of supplies and equipment into remote areas. It's the serious solution for serious packers. 



  • Stor-Mor Backpack (BP) is our largest organized solution for bulk storage and transport of equipment and supplies.
  • When closed, Stor-Mor BP transports varying-sized items in a structured, soft-sided backpack with a removable, ergonomic frame.



  • After frame removal, it quickly and ingeniously unfolds and unzips into six flat panels with removable clear vinyl pockets that organize, protect and display all of the packed supplies.
  • The panels can be hung in several different configurations to allow the opened Stor-Mor BP to work well in varying spaces.
  • Specialized panels accommodate every-thing imaginable, including large and/ or fragile items. Each Stor-Mor BP can be refolded into the closed position in under 5 minutes.
  • Intuitive proprietary exterior pockets on the Stor-Mor BP make color coordination of more than one pack quick and simple.
  • Proprietary “double” pockets on the Stor-it exterior keep private papers private.



  • Each order includes 1 Cabela’s Alaskan I or II frame. 


Specification Sheet for Stor-Mor Backpack

Constructed of 1680D “double ballistic” nylon that repels debris and dust and is easy to clean.

Weight: 29. lbs. /13.5 kg. 

Frame Weight: 4 lbs. 

Size Closed: 32” High x 16” 16” Deep 

Frame: 40” High x 14.5 Wide x 8” Deep


Panel 1: 48” High x 16” Wide. 

4 removable pockets @ 13” Wide x 6” High x 2” Deep 

4 removable pockets @ 7” Wide x 6” High x 3” Deep 

Panel 2: 32” High X 16” Wide. 

2 removable pockets @12.5” Wide x 14” High x 5” Deep 

Panels 3 and 4: 32” High x 23” Wide. 

2 removable pockets @12.5” Wide x 14” High x 5” Deep 

2 flat attached pockets @ 6” Wide x 4” High 

10 sets of adjustable Velcro loops for chest tubes, etc. 

Panel 5: 16” High X 16” Wide. 

1 specialized pocket @12” Wide x 15” High x 4.5” Deep exterior 

8” Wide x 11” High x 4” Deep interior 

This specialized pocket has 2” heavy foam for protection of expensive items such as portable heart monitors. 

Panel 6: 45” High X 16” Wide. 

2 removable pockets @12.5” Wide x 14” High x 5” Deep 

1 removable pockets @12.5” Wide x 8” High x 5” Deep 


Each order includes 1 Cabela’s Alaskan I or II frame. See for more information.  |  877-487-4677

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